imagiQ2 – Product training

This section includes a series of videos to provide information about table functionality, packing and unpacking.

– If you are a healthcare professional, here you can learn about how to get the best use of your STILLE imagiQ2 table.

– If you are a sales agent, here can you learn about how the STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table works and prepare for product demos.

Intro, Product overview
Main switch (Power ON & OFF)

NOTE: you should only pull down the main switch when shipping the table not during normal use. Make sure the main switch is ON if you want the table to charge when connected to a wall outlet (using the AC power cable).

Turning table OFF / ON using the hand control
Transporting the table

To transport the imagiQ2 table you have to unpark the table and enable the wheels by clicking on the unlock key pad as shown on the video.

Parking the table (for procedures)

The table must be parked (locked) for the Float function to be enabled and during patient procedures.

Adjusting the head position for a procedure

IMPORTANT: let the table know where the patient’s head is positioned. This is very important for trendelenburg function since it will depend on the patient’s head location.

Connecting the hand control
Column UP DOWN
True Free Float / Connecting the pan handle
Float limitations
Iso centric roll (Iso-roll)
Trend head UP / DOWN
Qucik trend
Battery indicator
Emergency spare hand control
Electrical rating label
Connect the AC cable
Emergency trend label
Max safe work load rating label
Serial number label

You identify the serial number (9 digits number) right next to the letters SN:

Service center contact information label
Table top removal

Detach and attach the removable table top from the STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table.

Return to 0 postion

Press and hold the CERO (0) key until the table stops to bring back the table to the neutral / starting position.

Table sounds offcenter & unparked (centering the table)
C-arm table sound: unparked overload